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Earth Day Shirts Design Ideas

Earth Day Shirts Design Ideas

Earth Day originated in 1970 to bring environmental issues to light. It’s often celebrated via environmentally-conscious choices, such as planting a garden, reducing electricity usage, and recycling.

But creating a personalized Earth Day shirt is another way to spread the message. Besides, you can wear a customized nature shirt all year round, making it easier than ever to encourage eco-friendly changes!


earth day shirt

Read on to explore unique custom shirt ideas designed to inspire you or your group.

Make It About This Year

A personalized shirt designed to celebrate an event can become a precious memento you treasure for years.

So, if you’re planning on participating in an Earth Day activity this year, you might want to immortalize the moment by creating a shirt with the current year printed on the front or back.

In the future, you can look at this shirt with pride while remembering the actions you took to make the world a better, brighter, and cleaner place.

Use an Inspirational Quote

Language is one of the most powerful tools and weapons we have. But you don’t need to write an essay to get your message across.

Placing inspirational Earth Day quotes on your personalized shirt can help you communicate your love for our planet. Your chosen quote might also be a great way to inspire your image design.

For example, consider the quote “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” by John Muir.

You could pair this quote with a serene image of a person walking into a sunlit forest. You could also show a hiker enjoying a bright red apple as they’re wandering the woods.

If you can’t decide between several quotes, you can also choose to cover your Earth Day shirt in your favorite phrases. This design choice can entice strangers to take an extra moment to read your shirt and feel inspired. Example below.


earth day inspirational design example

Choose Natural Beauty

Is there a natural wonder that captivates you? If so, you could place an image of that location on your Earth Day shirt.

Choosing authentic images of natural beauty is an unconventional way to create an Earth Day shirt. But it could be an effective alternative to standard clip art images of the planet, trees, and flowers.

If you’re unsure where to start, take a peek at some of the most prized natural wonders of the world. For example, you could have images of Mount Everest’s peak, the Grand Canyon’s rocky gorges, or natural coral reefs.

You may also want to create a collage of your favorite natural wonders to personalize your Earth shirt.

Be on Team Earth

Standard t-shirts aren’t your only option when designing a custom Earth Day shirt. You can also opt for a comfortable baseball t-shirt, an ideal base to show off your fan status with planet Earth.

This idea is pretty simple. You can put an image of a sporty Earth on the front of your shirt, or you could write “Team Earth” in big, bold letters. You could have your name and the current year on the back of your shirt.

Friends, family members, and strangers are bound to do a double-take when they spot your new athleticwear. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire them to root for Team Earth as well!

Have Fun With It

Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t have to be a serious affair! You can bring a little fun to this holiday by choosing a humorous message or cartoon for your Earth Day shirt.

For example, you can have an image of a tree with the text: Don’t Be Trashy. You can also create a shirt that says something like, “Earth Day Is A Present,” with an image of the planet in a birthday hat.

Having fun with your shirt design is a fantastic way to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees you on Earth Day. Besides, using humor is an effective way to share a serious message.

No one enjoys feeling talked down to, but everyone can enjoy a good laugh. So getting a little silly with your personalized Earth Day shirt may be the best way to share your love for our planet.

Designing an Earth Day Shirt

Creating a unique design for an Earth Day shirt is an exciting and creative project. But how do you bring your vision to life?

When you choose Awesomized Tees, you have two fantastic options:

  • Using a design studio
  • Speaking with a design expert

Let’s explore both of these options to discover which might be best for you.

Using a Design Studio

The AwesomizedTees Design Studio is the perfect place to start working on your personalized Earth Day shirt. That’s because it’s easy to use and offers plenty of customization options.

To start, you’ll need to choose the type of product you’d like to design. You can choose from various t-shirts, including eco-friendly 100% cotton shirts.

Once you’ve selected an ideal type of shirt for your project, you’ll need to choose a shirt color. The color will act as your design backdrop.

After that, you can begin designing. The Design Studio makes adding text or clip art a breeze. You can even drag your design elements to center them or resize them!

If you don’t find clip art or design ideas that suit your style, you can also choose to upload an image onto your t-shirt backdrop. This feature makes it easy to add hand-drawn or digitally created artwork.

Depending on the type of shirt you’re working on, you can add design elements to the shirt’s front, back, and sides. And when you’re happy with your design, the only thing left to do is place your order.

Speaking With a Design Expert

Does the idea of working in the Design Studio seem a little overwhelming? Maybe you’re struggling to think of the perfect design?

Don’t worry! An AwesomizedTees design expert can help!

Give us a call at (866) 935-5054 to receive immediate professional help. We’re more than happy to help you make your Earth Day shirt design ideas a wearable reality.

Celebrate Earth Day in Style

Are you ready to celebrate our planet in style? Shirts for Earth Day could help you get the job done!

You can personalize shirts with the current year, a meaningful message, or beautiful images of nature. No matter which design you choose, be sure to consider opting for a 100% cotton or colorful tie-dye material.

Head over to the Awesomized Tees Design Studio now to get started on your earth-friendly creation.