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6 Unique Concert Shirt Ideas

6 Unique Concert Shirt Ideas

Are you and a large group of people going to see one of your favorite artists? Do you have an organization or charity that’s going to a music festival?

If so, then you need to have a custom concert shirt made to celebrate this monumental occasion! Doing so can give you all the concert merch that you need to make it a special night.

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This can also double as a way to ensure your group stays together. If they get lost, they can just look for a group with identical shirts!

See below for an in-depth guide listing several unique concert shirt ideas.

1. We’re Only Here for the Music

Perhaps you’re coming with a large group of friends who all have a similar taste in music.

You’re not going for a specific artist, per se. You’re just attending the festival because it’s artist after artist of your favorite genre.

If so, then exclaim that loud and proud with a custom concert shirt that says as much!

Create a custom shirt that reads something along the lines of “We’re only here for the music!” on the front. You can choose from a bevy of shirt colors to make the shirt even more unique.

You guys will be the talk of the festival! People will come up to learn about your backstory, which can make for some incredible conversations!

2. Dual-Sided Lyrics

For those of you that are going to a concert for a specific artist, be warned: you aren’t going to be the only superfan in the house!

You and your group can create custom concert shirts that test the knowledge of others in attendance.

Put one line of a notable lyric from the artist’s song on the front, then the following lyric on the back.

For example, you could put “I like it, I love it…” on the front, then “I want some more of it!” on the back. Everyone that sees the front will feel compelled to read the back.

Your group can have some fun with this. Choose a few different lyrics and put them to a vote to see which one your group prefers.

3. We Traveled All the Way From…

Some of you superfans out there are planning to travel a tremendous distance to attend your next concert.

Artists love seeing where fans came from to attend their shows, some even take a moment in their show to ask where everyone’s from.

You can show off your dedication and support by making everyone aware of where you and your group are initially from.

One idea for this is to make a shirt that straight-up says “We traveled all the way from (enter location here) to see (enter artist/band here).”

You could also have a bit more fun with it by writing something like “800 miles driven. $200 spent. 2 days at a hotel. Only one (artist’s name here)”.

These shirts will prove that you, and everyone that you came with, are here to spread the love. You traveled in droves to hear your favorite band(s).

4. The Cause for Celebration

Perhaps you’re orchestrating a school concert for homecoming week.

What better way to show school spirit with a custom shirt that follows a theme for that event.

Tie it together with the words “Homecoming”, the school year, and the name of the school and you have a shirt that will bring back memories for years to come.

5. We Must Be Dreaming

Every once and a while, there comes a concert lineup that’s filled with so much talent, it has to be a dream.

If you and your group dropped everything to attend this once-in-a-lifetime concert, then you have to have custom shirts made.

You can start off by using the words “We must be dreaming” on the shirt with the name of your group. For added detail, include the year of the concert.

Then, on the back, list all of the artists that are in the lineup.

Not only will this make for a great concert shirt, but it’s also a really cool piece of memorabilia. Every time you go to put that shirt on, you’ll remember that incredible night you went to see an all-star lineup of live bands.

6. I Gotta Have More (Artist)

Everyone knows the old SNL skit where Christopher Walken says, “I gotta have more cowbell!”

You could use that as inspiration for your group’s shirt designs. Place a picture of Christopher Walken on the front with a speech bubble that reads, “I gotta have more (artist name here)!”

For memory purposes, be sure to put the name of your group somewhere on the shirt.

If your group doesn’t have a specific name, then just put something like “Spring Break 2022” so that you always remember when you got to see them live!

Create an Awesome Concert Shirt for Your Group Today

Now that you have seen a list of several incredible concert shirt ideas, be sure to use this information wisely.

To get started with a design your group will love, head on over to our design studio and let your imagination flow.