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How To Design the Best Custom Black History Month Shirts

How To Design the Best Custom Black History Month Shirts

It’s so important to celebrate inclusiveness at work and school. When we do this, not only do stakeholders understand others better, but they experience stronger relationships with their colleagues too!

One such observance, Black history, should be celebrated beyond just a month; black history should be celebrated every day.

black history month shirts

So to honor that sentiment, one way you can celebrate black history this year is to create a customized t-shirt. That way, you can wear it any day to recognize both the challenges and the accomplishments of the black community.

However, if you’re unsure where to start with the design, don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out! From using a quote to drawing eye-catching artwork, you can create the best black history month shirts today!

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at creating a custom t-shirt:

Use a Legendary Quote

Okay, if you’re unsure how to design your custom t-shirt, just use a quote. It’s the easiest method to use if you’re a beginner at designing shirts or simply have run out of ideas.

Plus, with a million sources to choose from, you can never go wrong. If you’re stuck on where to start, here are some quotable people to give you inspiration:

  • Barack Obama
  • Kamala Harris
  • Martin Lauther King Jr.
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Alicia Garza
  • Alice Walker

For the format, you can choose to use a single quote or a few quotes in a unique design to pack that literary punch. For example, you can place the quotes in the shape of women of color, black power fists, or in a collage.

However, make sure the font is large enough; that way, it’s easy to read and pretty identifiable. You could even choose to quote a small poem from famous poets like Langston Hughes, Lucille Cliffton, Jasmine Mans, or Maya Angelou.

When it comes to selecting your quote, choose a quote the resonates with what you want to celebrate or address. Whether it be embracing black identity, remarking on racism, or showcasing the effects of classism, choose a quote that examines black history thoroughly.

Use a Powerful Symbol

Less is sometimes more; after all, you don’t need to celebrate black history month by listing each black revolutionary; sometimes all you need to use is a symbol. For example, use the black power fist, an image of a woman with natural hair, or a pair of hand’s unchained to make a powerful statement. You can even get creative and design your own symbol for how you identify with black history.

Now, to format the symbol onto your t-shirt, you have one of three options: you either put it in the center, above the pocket, or on the back. Once you decide on a location, make sure not to over-stretch the image or make it too small. That way, it’s easily identifiable and eye-catching to anyone passing by.

Use Your Own Eye-Catching Artwork

Another way to create a black history shirt is to showcase black culture and pride through art. Not only is it empowering, but it showcases the progress that’s been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

For the artwork itself, the possibilities are limitless as to what it can be about. However, here are some ideas to get you thinking: it could display women’s natural hair, famous black leaders, or traditional African art.

Although, you could examine more in-depth topics such as racial standards, protesting, or diversity itself in modern society. There are no limits on art so create what you feel is right.

Since the artwork is likely to be vibrant, the shirt will turn into a statement piece. Its bold presence will not only be eye-catching but a great way to start a conversation about black culture.

After all, since the shirt displays a piece of art, it can be interpreted in different ways. The different interpretations will ultimately create a healthy discussion on black history month and its need to be celebrated.

Advertise Charities and Fundraisers

If you want to raise awareness for black lives matter charities, black youth programs, or black health organizations designing a custom t-shirt is perfect for advertising such needs. Not only does it call attention to the charity, but it declares support and promotes action.

For the design, include the name of the organization, a tagline or its mission, a few social media handles, and of course, its website. Again, make sure your text is big and bold, so people who walk by can clearly read it.

On the back, you can also include some number amounts as well as some cheeky phrases. For example, you can write what each amount would do, how it equates to everyday spending, or what it means to the receiving individuals. That way, people not only understand that their money will have an impactful effect, but it could persuade people to donate more.

Create Black History Month Shirts Today

There are so many ways to show your support for black history month, but none are better than creating your own t-shirts. On your black history month shirts, you can place famous quotes, powerful symbols, unique artwork, or even advertise for charities.

Creating a custom t-shirt provides you with a lot of freedom to create what you want. So don’t feel limited to the tips above. After all, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you remember to be creative with your design, you’ll come up with a fantastic custom shirt in no time. Now, to get started on your custom shirt, shop online at our store today. We look forward to helping you make one-of-a-kind t-shirts!