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5 Valentine’s Day Shirt Ideas

5 Valentine’s Day Shirt Ideas

Are you looking for ways to show off love/distaste for Valentine’s Day this year? Perhaps you’re looking into some incredible ways to show off your relationship. If so, then you need to start thinking about some awesome custom Valentine’s Day shirts.

Doing so can help you get a foot out in front of everyone else. Whether you’re flaunting your love for one another or are single and ready to mingle, you can order shirts to let everyone know where you’re at.

See below for an in-depth article on some incredibly “punny” custom shirts you can have created that even Cupid himself would sign off on!

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1. “I’ve Got My Loves Right Here”

Perhaps you’re a proud single mom that’s wanting to show off your love for your kids this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you want to turn V-Day into a team effort to surprise momma this year.

Whatever the case might be, you need some custom shirts that demonstrate the love your entire family is feeling this holiday!

As you might imagine, there aren’t many Valentine’s Day shirts out there that are focused on an entire family of love; it’s either singles or couples, there is no in-between.

Why not use Awesomized Tees to create custom shirts for your entire family. You can browse from our inventory of shirts and have them created to say variations of the same thing.

For example, if you’re a single mom, you can have your shirt read “I’ve got my loves right here” with arrows pointing at either side of you. Then, you can have the kids’ shirts made to say something like “Love #1” and “Love #2” or “We’re head over heels for Mommy”.

These shirts are sure to make a cute family Valentine’s Day picture. It provides more depth to the holiday of love, focusing on the purest form of love there is: family love.

2. “My Valen-Time Will Come”

Some of you out there will be single this Valentine’s Day and couldn’t be prouder of it. You want to shout it from the mountaintops while also having a bit of fun with your bachelor/bachelorette status.

If so, then it doesn’t get much better than creating a shirt that reads “My Valen-Time Will Come”. If you’re planning on hanging out with a group of singles this year, then have shirts made for everyone that reads, “Our Valen-Time Will Come”.

There are two kinds of singles out there on Valentine’s Day: those that are insecure about being single and those that are proud of it.

Ironically enough, your pride in being single could lead to you finding an awesome guy or girl while you wear this shirt. Studies show that people find confidence to be the most attractive quality a person can have.

This custom shirt will show that you’re comfortable in your skin. You’re confident in where you are with life currently, but still, realize that you’re a catch! Someone will snag you up one day and put a ring on it, but for now… you’re just enjoying life!

3. “Hey, You’re Looking Valen-Fine”

Are these punny shirts doing anything for you yet? Whether you’re single that’s going out to meet someone on Valentine’s or in a committed relationship, there are several ways you can go with this shirt.

For example, if you’re single, then you can create a custom shirt that reads “Girl, You’re Looking Valen-Fine” or “Dude, You’re Looking Valen-Fine” to show off your humor and cleverness. People love to flirt with those who have humor!

If you’re in a committed relationship, then just switch up the verbiage a bit to read, “My Lady is Looking Valen-Fine” or “My Man is Looking Valen-Fine”. Even if you’re at a bar on Valentine’s Day, no one will bother you with a cheesy pickup line while you’re wearing this shirt!

Even if you’re going with a group of singles somewhere on that day, you can make group shirts that read, “Our Group Looks Valen-Fine”.

4. “Free Hugs”

Why not spread the love around during Valentine’s Day? If you’re a hugger and enjoy the community that V-Day can create, then order shirts that resonate with that message.

We recommend creating a white shirt with a big red heart in the center and having it read “Free Hugs” in the middle of the heart with white lettering. You could also go reverse with a red shirt, white heart, and red lettering with the same message.

If you’re out with a group of singles, get these shirts made for everyone and quickly become the talk of the restaurant/bar you’re hanging out at.

5. “I Heart MY Valentine”

Do you know those “I Heart NY” shirts? Why not have a little fun with that this Valentine’s Day by adjusting it to say “I Heart MY” and with the word “Valentine” underneath it?

As long as it maintains the same font as those classic NY shirts, everyone who lays eyes on it will get the reference and have a good laugh.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love. It’s about laughter. It’s about making everyone around you smile, not just the person you’re lucky to spend it with!

Invest in Custom Valentines Day Shirts to Make Awesome Memories

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of awesome Valentine’s Day shirts that you can customize for you or your group, be sure to use these to your advantage.

To get started please feel free to visit our online design studio to create your Valentine’s day custom shirts, as well as any other group shirts you might need.