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Custom Sorority Shirts for the Greek Rush: What You Should Know

Custom Sorority Shirts for the Greek Rush: What You Should Know

There are currently about 750,000 active fraternity and sorority members in the United States. And this large number is only increasing as sororities learn how to better market their brand.

For example, having the best sorority shirts during a rush can help you attract more potential members. So if you’re the leader in your sorority, keep reading this article. We will walk you through how to have the best t-shirt design!

What Is T-Shirt Printing and Design?

T-shirt printing is great if you have an event coming up and you need good ideas for a specialized shirt. For example, family t-shirt ideas and even couple t-shirt ideas. But most importantly, they can provide professional design services for fraternities and sororities.

And the best t-shirt design companies will be able to guide you through every step. If you need help creating a design, a t-shirt company will be able to help. This is key since there are so many sorority chapters these days.

sorority shirtsAnd of course, everyone wants to stand out. Luckily, t-shirt design companies can help you create a unique design.

Use Templates

If you are not familiar, t-shirt templates are the fastest way to get a custom shirt. This method of printing works by choosing an already-existing template design. But you may be wanting an original design.

Luckily, templates give you a good foundation that is easy to edit. This way, you do not have to come up with a new design. However, you can still keep some of your ideas present.

Original Art Designs

If you are an art lover, then you may already have some t-shirt design ideas.  And luckily, some companies will allow you to submit your own artwork. They can then copy this art onto their machinery and paste it onto a t-shirt.

Fun and Bright Colors

Aside from having a cool t-shirt design, the color of the shirt should stand out. But it should also match your chapter’s theme. For example, if your chapter is known for its bright colors, then consider getting a yellow, red, or even bright white shirt color.

Letting Your Story Shine Through

When looking at t-shirt logo ideas, your chapter’s story should show. This can be done with a quote, the letters of your sorority, or maybe even a number. Whatever the case may be, ensure the final design showcases who you are as a sorority.

Choosing the Correct Fabric

Comfort and style go hand in hand. So make sure the fabric is up to par when getting a custom t-shirt design. This may seem like an afterthought at the moment.

However, you’ll want to gift your sorority comfortable and breathable shirts, especially if they’re participating in outdoor activities.

When Is the Right Time to Order?

Firstly, be aware of manufacturing and shipping times when ordering sorority shirts. Shipping times may be slower because of COVID.

However, you should get an estimate of when the shirts will be ready. These times may vary depending on the size of the order and other enforceable factors.

So ensure you give yourself enough time when ordering sorority shirts. For example, let’s say you need a new t-shirt for the fall rush. It’s best to order your t-shirts during late summer. This way, any mistakes can be fixed in time!

Placing an Order

So you may be asking how this process even works. Do you talk to the designer in person or over the phone? Do you submit a request or just purchase off the website?

Well for starters, ensure you have your ideas ready to go. Then go to a t-shirt design company with flexible hours and a good design artist. For example, here at Awesomized Tees, we provide t-shirt planning and mock-up help.

The application process is fairly simple as well. All you do is submit the needed amount of t-shirts along with other details on the shirt design. For example, you can start picking your desired sizes and t-shirt quantity.

Typically, a designer will reach out to you with any questions or concerns a few days after the submission. And before the design hits the fabric, final approval will be needed from you!

If you disapprove of the design, do not worry! Our stylists are here to help you edit any designs. This way you get the best t-shirt logs.

Enjoy the Cute Sorority T-Shirt Design

Once your order comes in and the shirts are distributed to members, it’s time to enjoy them at the next event.

Without a doubt, one of the event elements that will stand out is the cute or appealing design that brings the entire group together. Nothing screams family more than a personalized design that everyone is wearing.

At this point, it’s also a good idea to take notes on other design ideas for future events. If at a fundraising event, you realized that you missed out on an opportunity to add a QR code on a shirt, perhaps that might be something to add for the next batch of shirts. This way, they keep on getting better and better and your chapter stands to out-compete the other groups.

The Best Sorority Shirts Made Just for You

Hopefully, this article has taught you everything you will need to know about getting sorority shirts. But don’t hesitate to call us for any further assistance on new orders.

And if you think you’re ready to place an order, visit our website to start designing your next sorority t-shirt!