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5 Custom T-Shirt Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Custom T-Shirt Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Developing a custom clothing line, for whatever purpose, can be an arduous process.

Sometimes, that’s the price of a great product. After all, you want to produce something that your customers will buy or your team will use.

But what are some common pitfalls of custom T-shirt design that you should avoid? What strategies should you employ to ensure that people enjoy your designs?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to conjure up a great clothing line that checks off all boxes, and more.

So keep reading to learn about five custom T-shirt design mistakes and how to avoid them. Afterward, you’ll be ready to launch your next great, fabric-laden marketing campaign.

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1. Sizing Diversity

While it may be tempting to propose a one-size T-shirt option, this strategy won’t be as convenient as you think. At least, it certainly won’t be convenient for your sales. A diversity in sizing is important in expanding the audience that will actually purchase your merchandise.

That’s because not everyone wants to wear your shirt design simply for branding purposes. There will be individuals in your audience that prefer sizing that’s more form-fitting. For this reason, it’s integral that you use the same design on different shirt sizes.

This way, you’ll attract a lot more customers to buy your T-shirts. In fact, you can also offer different shirt designs beyond the typical T-shirt. Long-sleeves, baseball T-shirts, and other designs can diversify your range even further.

2. Design Placement

Correct placement of your logo onto your T-shirts is crucial. You might think it’s as easy as centering it at the T-shirt’s chest area. However, great placement really depends on the custom T-shirt styles you use.

For example, you might want to place a simpler logo design on a baseball T-shirt’s right breast area. Otherwise, the branding might look off-putting and loud when too visible. It’s also important to consider the custom shirt colors you order, especially if your logo is multi-colored.

Not only that, but the proportion of your logo to the size of the shirt is important. Too overblown, and the shirt’s design can look too obnoxious. But too small, and there might be a lot of awkward empty space surrounding the logo.

So understand that choosing colors, clothing design, and logo doesn’t encompass the entire project. Even slightly awkward design placement can make or break a customer’s willingness to buy your merchandise.

3. Cheap Quality

Of course, sometimes selling branded items is a hard sell. It’s not typically an everyday wardrobe choice unless it’s part of a uniform. So your custom T-shirts must be of good quality.

Even if it is part of the uniform, your employees mustn’t feel uncomfortable or scratchy in their required dress code. After all, workplace morale is integral for the sake of business success. Cheaping out quality for your employees could make coming to work more of a chore.

Either way, it’s integral that you offer good quality branded clothing. This way, you’ll incentivize customers to come back for more! Whether they wear it around the house or out and about, wearing your T-shirts will give them great customer satisfaction and will give you positive branding power.

4. Professional Graphic Design

Unless you’ve got considerable graphic design experience under your belt, it’s best to consult with a professional about an adequate design. Even very minimalistic designs can undergo an arduous process before getting to an optimal final stage.

After all, you’re already using business funds for a custom printing service. You don’t want your T-shirt design ideas to cheapen the design when it’s not going to make the services any cheaper. If you had any plans to revise your logo, the chance is now before it’s permanently etched into your merchandise.

So instead of going for the convenience of DIY, think of professional graphic design work as an investment. It’s most likely going to be the main component in attracting customers. Some customers are going to have a pickier eye for aesthetics, and might only give your merchandise a chance if the branding looks polished.

5. Wear Your Shirts Yourself

What better way to sell your own product by demonstrating how much you like it yourself? By donning your own merchandise, you show customers a concrete demonstration of an individual’s enjoyment of the product. If you look comfortable and happy in your shirt, they’ll more easily envision themselves doing so too.

This is especially effective if you have a diverse range of custom T-shirt styles. You don’t need to be wearing a head-to-toe ensemble of branded gear, but switching between styles on a day-to-day basis could show a natural affinity for your own clothing range.

Of course, this applies more naturally if your business has a physical location. But even if you’re out and about to campaign for your online business/brand, your comfort with your own clothing will show while you’re campaigning. Not only that, but a great attitude from yourself will have customers associating positive branding with your business.

Be Smart With Your Custom T-Shirt Design

No matter your purposes for employing a custom T-shirt printing company, it’s crucial that you use your partnership with strategy. Not only will this ensure that your shirts look great, but that people are attracted to them enough to make a purchase!

At Awesomized Tees, we understand what a great custom T-shirt design looks like. So if you need branded merchandise, contact us today! We’ll ensure that we execute and elevate your vision.