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How to Order Custom Made T Shirts

How to Order Custom Made T Shirts

When you order custom t-shirts you say to your team, “we’re all in this together.” Whether you’re ordering t-shirts for a sporting event, show cast, business team, school trip, or organization, a t-shirt tells everyone who receives it that they matter and deserve a lasting reminder.

Custom t-shirts can also be sold or given away for free at your business establishment. This will separate your devoted customers from everyone else, and provide you with some less expensive advertising. Let the people who love your work do the advertising and talking for you.

order custom made t shirts

There are lots of reasons to get custom t-shirts, but you may be wondering how! With DIY or custom-designed options, you can have a t-shirt you’re proud to hand out that properly represents your business or group.


There are lots of websites today where you can do it yourself, design and create your own bulk order custom t-shirts. But make sure that you choose one that gives you plenty of options and gives you a quality product in the end.


One of the first choices you’ll need to make when you order a custom t-shirt is the fabric you’d like your shirt to use. Since 1913, Cotton has been the most common t-shirt fabric choice, but there are others that may suit your specific needs.

If you’re creating a t-shirt for a sporting event such as a 5K or you expect that your team members will be wearing the t-shirt in hot weather, there are fabric blends that work better than cotton.

Look for fabric blends that include polyester, especially microfiber polyester. These fabrics wick moisture better than cotton alternatives and may even help with chafing on a run.


A t-shirt is a t-shirt, right? Wrong! There are so many different cuts for tee shirts with different looks and purposes. Consider who is most likely to want or receive your t-shirt, and choose a cut based on that demographic.

The classic choice is a crewneck unisex t-shirt. They come in a wide variety of sizes so that you can be sure there’s a t-shirt option for every person at your event.

If you want a slightly different style, you may want to opt for a v-neck design. These may often look a little more high-end and can be a great choice for a company logo t-shirt.

If you’re only giving the t-shirts out to women, consider a cut specifically made to flatter women’s body types. Women’s cut t-shirts come in a bit at the waist and out at the hips to flatter the figure. They also have smaller shoulders so that they don’t wave out the way men’s t-shirts often do on women.

If you expect a lot of different kinds of people at your event, get a lot of different kinds of t-shirts! Offer women’s cuts, crew and v necks, and of course an option for children. The more people who can see themselves wearing your t-shirt, the more you’ll be able to give them out or sell. Better yet, the more likely the people are to wear them often.


Now on to the most important part. You can’t have a custom t-shirt without a custom design!

With a custom t-shirt design studio, you can upload your own digital art or use stock clip art to create a design right in the studio.

There are also templates so that you can feel confident that you’re making good design choices without needing a degree in graphic design. Simply choose your favorite template and then replace words and images in the editor until it’s your own business or event information.

If you feel confident in your own layouts, you can just browse the clip art, choose your favorite, and put it together with your text however you’d like. If you prefer to design on another software, you can always do that and then upload your artwork to the t-shirt designer.

Once you’re done, you can make a custom t-shirt single order to test out your product, because AwesomizedTees has custom t-shirts with no minimum order required.

Professionally Designed

Is this all sounding a bit too much?

Have no fear! You can also get your custom t-shirt professionally designed for you!

Simply fill out the custom t-shirt order form with as many details as possible. You can even upload some basic artwork ideas, important photographs, or layouts that you want to be included on your t-shirt.

Then, a professional designer will compile the information you gave them and give you a proof of the final product. That means less work for you, and a t-shirt that looks more professional and put together.

Aren’t sure what materials to send in or exactly what you’re imagining for your t-shirt? You can also call to speak directly with a team member and hash out your ideas!

Start with T-Shirts

Every company has t-shirts nowadays. Why stop there? Custom designs can be put on many different clothing articles, from hoodies to tank tops to polo shirts.

Start with t-shirts and then keep introducing new designs to your team. Before long, you can have a whole business or team store and a whole wardrobe for the people who make it all happen.

Order Custom Made T-Shirts

Hopefully, you learned how to order custom-made t-shirts on your own. If you feel like you need a professional to do the designing, we can help, with a custom design for only $0.05 on orders starting at only 24 pieces.

Are you ready to bulk order custom t-shirts? Check out our full collection of products to get started.