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5 Cool Ways to Design Custom Hoodies

5 Cool Ways to Design Custom Hoodies

We love cozy and comfortable hoodies. They’re easy to throw on and convenient when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket but not warm enough for a t-shirt.

They’re also a great way to represent a local sports team, honor a special event, or design advertising swag for your business. Whether you’re hosting a bachelorette party or joining your company’s sports team, there are many ways to personalize a hoodie.

They are also fun and easy to design with the right expertise.

Here are 5 awesome ways that you can create custom hoodies for your next group event!

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1. Use Personal Artwork

This is the ultimate way to customize a hoodie. If you want unique and personal custom printed hoodies, adding your own art is the way to make a statement.

Hand-drawing your own art can be simple or more complex and is a great way to personalize a piece of clothing. It also makes for a great gift idea for a loved one or those you work with.

Custom hoodie makers allow you to bring personalized designs to life. You can easily upload your own artwork and get your designs printed on your choice of hoodie.

2. Flaunt Your Team Name

Designing matching hoodies for a team is a great way to encourage team spirit.

This creates a sense of belonging and inclusiveness between team members and lets everyone else know that you are an official member of the team. With custom printed hoodies, you can get creative to represent your team.

You can print your team’s logo, or you can keep it simple with just your team name. You can also order a hoodie that reflects your team’s colors.

Organizing a team sport for your employees is very effective for company growth and team empowerment. Many employees say that engaging in team sports with their colleagues increases productivity and morale. Bringing team spirit into the workplace not only creates synergy between employees but it helps with workplace health and fitness.

What better way to start a company team than with matching hoodies! Employees will be happy to represent their company name on and off the field.

3. Advertise Your Business

Another major benefit to creating custom-made hoodies is that they serve as walking advertisements. If you have a business and want to design some swag, hoodies are a great way to get your business name out there.

These can be part of your advertising and marketing budget, by giving out items that have the company logo. Or depending on your business, you can sell hoodies with your own personalized designs.

This is a fun way to advertise your business. You can get as inventive as you like, adding text or images or both.

4. Represent Your Special Event

A day of celebration calls for a special outfit for you and your squad. Whether you’re taking a trip together, celebrating a bridal shower, or taking part in a charity event, matching attire is practically mandatory.

These are not only great for wearing at the event, but they also leave each guest with something special to take home and remind them of this special time.

You can use a special image to honor someone’s birthday, you can use a funny inside joke as text, or you can identify someone’s role in the event like “Maid of Honor”.

There are so many possibilities and you can get as personal as you like. Additionally, if you are customizing hoodies for a group, they become cheaper if you order in bulk.

5. Add Sleeve Designs

Don’t limit your hoodie design canvas to the front and back only.

Adding patterns or text to the sleeves of a hoodie can provide you with an additional opportunity to showcase extra detail.

For example, if it’s for a company event, a sleeve design can allow you to share a social media handle so others can follow your business online.

On the other hand, if it’s for a team-building event, adding a quote to the sleeves can be made to work together with the front and back designs for a complete story or appearance.

The process of adding sleeve designs is also very simple – it follows what you would do to design the front and back of a hoodie.

Quick Tips for Custom Hoodies

If you are getting a hoodie customized, there are some things to consider. From image resolution to fabric quality, here are some tips when personalizing your hoodie:

  • Consider a pullover or zip hoodie
  • Plan the design with text or images or both
  • Decide on a theme or message
  • Ensure that you use complementary colors to let your design stand out
  • Consider image size for optimal resolution
  • Ensure the design is in the right spot on the hoodie
  • Invest in higher-quality fabrics

Customizing your hoodie gives you a reason to wear it more often. Ensure that you have considered all of these details to get the results you want from your personalized hoodie.

The Bottomline on Custom Hoodies

Customizing your clothing is a great way to express yourself, represent your team or company, or commemorate a special event. Custom hoodies are comfortable, versatile, and easy to design with the right help.

If you are ready to personalize a hoodie, remember our handy tips to ensure you get the custom look you want.

For awesome products and unique designs, be sure to check out our custom hoodie maker and start designing your custom hoodie today!