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Custom Color T-Shirts: What Colors Are Available?

Custom Color T-Shirts: What Colors Are Available?

Customized t-shirts are ubiquitous to see amongst businesses, schools, and organizations. This is because of how well the shirts attract attention from possible future customers or students.

Promotion is what helps these businesses and such thrive.

While these shirts are very convenient for promotional purposes, it can be difficult to decide what colors and designs will best represent whatever you are making the shirt for.

If you need help breaking down what exactly you want to see on your custom color t-shirts and how to customize and order, continue to read.

custom color t-shirts

Who Are Your T-Shirts For?

Before designing your custom t-shirts, keeping in mind who your desired customers are is key in knowing how to go about your design.

Making a design that will attract attention from your desired customers is how your t-shirt promotion will be successful.

For example, college students love having t-shirts that represent their school spirit. Using the colors and logos that represent their school best and being creative with it will certainly draw their attention.

Looking into the school’s website to understand what best represents it will help you in the t-shirt design process.

Design Inspiration

Designing a custom t-shirt from scratch can be overwhelming in the beginning. You may struggle on where to even begin when you design.

We have design ideas for any custom t-shirt you are looking for, from businesses to charities. These ideas can help spark inspiration in what you want on your custom t-shirt.

Logos For Your T-Shirt

Logos are what represents your business, school, or organization. A logo is going to help you stand out from your competitors.

When creating your logo, figure out what you want it to represent and what message you want it to give off.

Here are a few factors to consider when creating your logo:

  • What exactly is your service/product
  • What best represents your business, school, organization, etc
  • How will this logo be perceived by the public

There are many other tips for creating a successful logo.

Fonts For Your Custom Color T-Shirts

There are hundreds of font options for custom color t-shirt printing. Deciding on which font to use can seem almost overwhelming, as the possibilities are endless.

Once you have figured out what exactly your brand represents will make choosing a font more simple.

There are various brands, and font personality traits, which learning about will help you understand which fonts represent what. After you understand how these fonts describe certain brand personalities, choosing will be much easier.

Color Options For Custom T-Shirts

We have 71 different color options for you to choose from to create the perfect custom t-shirt!

When choosing the color for your t-shirt, consider how these colors will represent you. Colors influence people in different ways. Knowing the psychology of colors in marketing will help you know which colors are used for what purpose.

Choose colors that will look well together and not blend into each other. When creating your t-shirt, make sure your logo/design, font, and shirt colors are not too similar.

If you use a dark brown color for your logo and font, and your shirt color is black, it won’t be easy to see what is on the shirt.

Also, look at what colors your competitors use for their custom t-shirts and use color to make you stand out. There is a huge range of fun and popular colors to choose from when designing your t-shirt with us.

Why Choose AwesomizedTees?

Besides our wide range of color and font options, there are many benefits to creating and ordering your custom color t-shirt with us.

Our goal is to give you the best service and products possible to help your promotion succeed and look amazing.

Affordable Custom Color T-Shirts

Saving money for promotional purposes is something every brand wants to do. Our custom t-shirts are affordable for your promotional needs.

We have free shipping, discount offers, and great prices!

Variety of Products

Along with t-shirts, we have a huge variety of products that are available.

Here are some of the many product options:

  • Hooded Sweatshirts
  • Short-Sleeve Polos
  • Tank Tops
  • Long Sleeve

There are many more products you can choose from! Each product is customizable and perfect for promotional needs.


We provide helpful services that will make designing your custom t-shirt easy. Whether it is helping you edit a design or embroidery, we are here to help!

Our services will help you create the best product for your desired needs.

We have a live chat available to help you along the way in your design process if you have any questions or trouble designing.

Easy To Navigate

Our website is easy to navigate and find what exactly you are looking for.

The design studio where your custom-made comfort t-shirts are made is easy to use. Our products page has each category organized, helping you go through and find what product you are looking for.

Design Your Custom T-Shirt Today

Designing custom color t-shirts should not be overwhelming and difficult. Whether it is choosing which color to use or pricing, this should be a stress-free process.

Thanks to our many colors, font, and service options, designing your custom t-shirt will be easy! We are here to help you create the best promotional t-shirt possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to or call 866-935-5054.