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8 School T-Shirt Designs for Next Year

8 School T-Shirt Designs for Next Year

Is your middle school, high school, or college preparing for the excitement of the upcoming school year?

Your students will be gathering their schedules and friends to begin the school year with a fresh attitude. But, you can create even more fresh excitement with fun school t-shirt designs.

If your school has sports, clubs, homecoming, or a loved mascot, you should wow your students with amazing t-shirts that support each favored aspect of your school.

Take initiative and continue reading to find some amazing design ideas for your next school t-shirts.

school t-shirt designs

1. Represent the School Mascot

Whether your school mascot is a panther, a porcupine, or an eagle, wearing it on a custom t-shirt will show your support and love for your school.

Using your school colors and mascot, you can create an amazing school t-shirt that is both stylish and supportive.

Start by placing the design of your mascot in the center of your shirt and frame the artwork with your school’s name and mascot’s name. Either use your school’s custom font or use a new one to bring the whole design together.

Following a collegiate design for your mascot t-shirt is always popular and stylish for every school and age.

2. Support Your Sports Teams

Every school is proud to represent its sports teams. Having different designs for each sport and team will have students wanting to wear their favorite team on their shirts.

Switch up colors and logos for each high school t-shirt design to make each t-shirt unique. Your students will love wearing their favorite team on their clothes throughout each sport season. Designing the t-shirts in modern graphics will keep your students feeling stylish.

Create your sports t-shirts with team numbers, players’ names, and collegiate fonts paired with your school’s colors.

3. Bring Awareness in School

Our world has revolving movements that highlight what’s important in current society. Your school will likely have students and staff that support these movements and would love to represent their passion.

Consider making custom school t-shirts to represent your school’s support of important issues. Whatever movements you represent, your students will love to be part of a school that supports helpful and substantial issues today.

Follow what each movement represents to create your t-shirts. Give your school an opportunity to wear positive movements on campus.

4. Cheer for Clubs

Does your school have an art club, debate club, chess club? Perhaps your school has Student Congress committees.

Represent your school by supporting each club or committee with stylish t-shirts–take this opportunity to make unique t-shirts to support your school’s clubs.

Use each club’s colors and mottos to create amazing t-shirts that reflect your school’s pride. Making custom t-shirts for the clubs of your school will give your students a way to support their clubs, their friends, and their school.

Check out our Student Events and Activities category to find more design ideas for clubs in your school.

5. Spread the Word for Homecoming

Homecoming is a huge school event every year. With the progression of the pandemic, your school will likely hold a big homecoming celebration this upcoming school year.

Along with all the planning and execution of homecoming, lots of schools make custom t-shirts to promote the big event.

Your own students will love to wear their own custom t-shirts in the time leading up to homecoming.

Find out your school’s upcoming homecoming theme and implement it into a creative, colorful t-shirt design. Use modern graphics and your school’s characteristics to create some amazing homecoming school t-shirt design ideas.

6. Wear a Proud Graduation Design

Every year, schools gear up for the excitement of graduation season.

Whether you’re representing a middle school, high school, or college, graduation is an exciting event that starts the summer with a bang.

Take initiative for your school’s graduates and create t-shirts highlighting each class’s names and colors. Be sure to include the graduation year and a quote to tie the message together. Offer your students the option of long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirts so that each graduate feels the most comfortable in their own shirt.

Celebrate graduation with a modern, sweet t-shirt design that reflects your school.

7. Get Excited With a Field Trip Shirt

Are you preparing for a field trip out of school soon? Are your students excited yet?

If you’re looking for ways to spread the excitement and awareness for your next field trip, create some amazing t-shirts to get your students ready.

Choose a bright color for your t-shirt and bring the design together with a cheerful, unique logo that gives your field trip the representation it deserves.

Whether your school is going to the zoo, an amusement park, or a museum, having a cute t-shirt represent your field trip will have your students pumped in advance. Not to mention, these shirts will make a great group photo at the event.

8. Promote Charities and Fundraisers

Having charities and fundraisers at your school creates great awareness for your students and community.

But, growing awareness for your charities and fundraisers is made even easier by creating custom t-shirts for your school to wear. Depending on each event your school is supporting, you’ll want to create a wide range of sizes and colors.

Implement stylish fonts and designs to bring the perfect graphics together for the charities and fundraisers your school is supporting. Your students and staff will be proud to represent their school’s current events.

Using These School T-Shirt Designs to Inspire Yourself

When it comes to school t-shirt designs, take the opportunity to create stylish and unique t-shirts for your staff and students. Whether you decide to create shirts to support sports teams or fundraisers, using modern designs and logos will make your school stand out.

Take advantage of modern trends, patterns, and colors to make t-shirts your staff and students will truly love to wear.

If you’re ready to start designing the perfect school t-shirt, visit our digital Design Studio right now.