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5 Custom Corporate Apparel Ideas for Your Business

5 Custom Corporate Apparel Ideas for Your Business

Looking to order custom apparel for your company? Unsure of what to include in your design?

Custom corporate apparel can be a great addition to your company’s brand and image, but it needs to be done right.

If you’re looking to create unique designs but need some ideas, then this article is for you.

Keep reading for ideas on creating custom corporate apparel designs that work perfectly for your company.

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1. Include Your Logo on Custom Corporate Apparel

The first thing you want to consider when designing your corporate apparel is your logo. When designing corporate logo apparel, you need to think about the colors of your logo. Consider how these might complement or stand out against your chosen apparel color.

You also need to think about logo placement. Do you want your logo to be large and to take up most of the space on a shirt? Or do you want it to be a small logo on the front left side of the shirt?

Also, consider your budget, as the larger surface you need to print, the higher the cost will be.

If you don’t have a logo yet, then this is the first thing you need to do. Your logo sets you apart from your competition and makes your brand recognizable to potential customers.

2. Match Colors and Typography to Your Brand

The worst thing you can do is ruin your amazing new logo with apparel colors that don’t complement it.

For example, if you have a bright and colorful logo, you probably want to go with a neutral black or white fabric for your apparel. This way, your logo will stand out, and you can make sure the colors won’t clash.

If you have a black or white logo, then you have some more options. You could use the opposite shade to create contrast and go for a clean, professional look. Or, you could use bright colors to make your apparel stand out.


Having the right typography is also important as it also represents your brand. If you are a publishing house that primarily sells the memoirs of influential figures, you want to go for a professional font with little variation or use of cursive.

But if you’re a publishing house that sells children’s books, then consider fun, bubbly fonts to reflect the soul of your brand.

3. Match the Apparel to Job Duties

Think about what kinds of job duties (if any) your employees will be performing while wearing your custom apparel. Will your design be worn on the job, or is it just something for employees to take home and wear on their off time?

If your company apparel is just being given as a thank-you to employees or as a company perk, custom t-shirts and hoodies are a good option.

But if your employees will be wearing your apparel on the job, you need to consider which types of apparel are best for specific job duties.

Polo shirts are a great addition to upscale uniforms and companies that focus on luxury. If your employees are wearing your apparel outdoors, consider getting custom printed hats for sun protection.

If you’re a fitness center or personal training company, then consider athletic shirts for your employees. Not only will they be more comfortable on the job, but you’ll get your brand’s name in front of more people at the gym.

Keep Your Designs Seasonal

You also want to keep your designs seasonal. If your company is located in a place with cold winters, it won’t make sense to do a winter order of branded t-shirts.

Instead, consider items such as hoodies and long-sleeved shirts.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your design is consistent across all your branded apparel. This means using the same colors, typography, and logo placement, whether the item is a hoodie or a hat.

You can also make seasonal apparel, such as t-shirts that commemorate your company’s annual Christmas party.

4. Inspire and Motivate

A custom shirt can also mark the opportunity to use your apparel to inspire and motivate your employees.

Inspirational and motivational apparel includes messages such as inspirational quotes or company slogans. It’s also a good idea to get some of this apparel if your company is facing a particularly tight deadline.

If all the employees wear a motivational t-shirt at the office, then everyone will have a higher sense of morale because they’ll see that they’re working as a team.

An inspiring and motivational company voice is also great because it could be seen by potential clients, who might appreciate your company’s positive attitude.

Humor is another way to inspire and motivate your employees through your custom apparel. It’s also an excellent choice for creative companies like design agencies.

5. Make Special Event Apparel

Special event apparel includes any type of event that your company is organizing or participating in.

For example, a special event might be an exhibition celebrating local artists in your area if you’re an art supply store. A special event could also be a hoodie commemorating your tax firm’s annual team-building ski trip.

Special event apparel can also include any charities or fundraisers your company participated in. These could be worn during the event to identify your team or be given to employees afterward to commemorate their experience.

There are so many options with special event apparel, and it’s often nice for employees to have because it will remind them of the good memories they had during the event.

Order the Perfect Custom Corporate Apparel Today

We hope this article gave you some creative ideas for designing custom corporate apparel.

No matter what design you choose, remember that your corporate apparel should match your brand and company image.

The best corporate apparel companies take care to help you create a unique design that perfectly suits your company’s needs.

If you’re ready to design your perfect custom corporate apparel, request a custom design from our helpful experts today.