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Celebrating MLK Birthday on Campus

Celebrating MLK Birthday on Campus

Stemming from the events that occurred in the year of 2020, that should be an incentive to start the year on the best note possible. What better way to do so than universities piggy-backing off the Black Lives Matter movement, which emerged in 2020, and beginning the year of 2021 with a diverse approach?

On Monday, January 18, 2021, the nation will be celebrating a legend’s 92nd birthday: Martin Luther King Jr.’s. MLK was one of the historical figures who fought for his rights and that of many other black people living in the nation. His speeches and movements made such a huge impact on history and equality in the country, that till this day this is something people still celebrate. In 2021, more than ever, this date should be taken seriously. However, his birthday is not the only day in which we should honor everything he advocated and fought for.

To continue his legacy, individuals should always treat others as they want to be treated, regardless of their skin color. For students, especially, this inclusion will optimize a learning experience. Being surrounded by all types of people, many of which are diverse, will help students learn from one another and become more knowledgeable about other upbringings, cultures, etc.

An article posted on EverFi, “The Top 5 Ways That Diversity in Education Benefits Student Success” explains how much more healthy and beneficial it is for students to learn in a diversity driven environment. In terms of having diverse faculty, teachers, and staff, it is mentioned in the article, “For many students, it’s a chance to see someone from a similar background that they can emulate. This is especially impactful for students from historically underrepresented communities.” So, this does not only apply to students but to the staff of a university or school as well in order for all types of students to be able to identify and learn from the leaders surrounding them.

Overall, it is mentioned in the article that having diverse populations within schools optimize “intellectual engagement, self-motivation, citizenship, and cultural engagement, and academic skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing – for students of all races. Interacting with diverse peers outside a classroom setting directly benefits students, making them better scholars, thinkers, and citizens.”

To honor such an incredible historical figure, movement, and BLM, having affordable custom t-shirts at schools to present the value of equality would be an affordable, fun, and inclusive experience for everyone on campus from students, to professorts, to all staff. Having MLK custom t-shirts and representing, during spring semester events, is showing we believe and we stand with equality in our nation.